Giant Redwood Thrives in the Urban Forest of Reno, Nevada

Now that the summer Olympics are over and the winning athletes have returned to their homes as medal bearing champions, my attention is focused on an entirely different champion this fall: The Giant Sequoia. How is a tree a champion? The Giant Sequoia, or Redwood is a champion of trees because it can grow to a staggering height of 300 feet and live 3,200 years!

Reno, NV is home to the Giant Sequoia, or Giant Redwood. The Giant Sequoia can be seen growing in random places around the neighborhoods and public parks of Reno, but the oldest was planted in 1939 and is considered a landmark tree. Even at the age of seventy-three, the Sequoia is a mere sapling. It will take another thirty years, or when the tree reaches a hundred years or so, that the top, or crown, will begin to flatten out, and take on that unique Giant Sequoia look that sets it apart from other firs and pines. With age its branches will become heavier and denser (kind of like humans).

Of course the Giant Sequoia that grow in Reno have been planted by people. While they are native to the Sierra Nevada, California I don’t believe they grow naturally here, however Reno’s cold weather climate during the winter months seems to sustain their growth.

Have you explored the urban forest where you live. I would love to hear about the landmark trees you’ve discovered. 

5. Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)