Hello Miss Author: The Altered I Is Officially Published

Whew! What a whirlwind two weeks this has been! The Altered I was released on November 13, 2013 and there was much rejoicing. This was an exciting day in the Kempler household. My parents came from Burbank to share the special moment with us. I hadn’t even seen the book, just the front and back cover in an attachment and the review copy in manuscript format. Boy was I in for a big surprise. The book is beautiful. A nice heavy weight, smooth pages, front and back covers attached. It is lovely to see and feel. I liken it to (and I have no children bear in mind) when a new mother is handed her baby for the first time. There is awe and wonder that this new creation came from her body. She counts all the fingers and toes to make sure it’s all there and everything is in working order. And I am sure there is a lot of pride and love expressed over the new addition. Well, that is how I felt, and not to cause any offense to real mothers out there, but I just could not have felt more happy.

The release event–though it was more a party– was a whopping success. Friends, family and bystanders alike showed up. We blew the roof off the place! I know this really impressed the publishers. And I’m glad. A lot of pre-marketing work went in to this event. Blog posts, personal connections, handing out chapter excerpts to random strangers and I cannot remember what else. Not to mention my ever-zealous husband, who chatted the book up with clients and business associates whenever the subject warranted it. He was the main push behind the marketing plan and I could not have accomplished what I did without him. He is always on my side! Of course my publishers at LeRue did their part. I was hosted on The Book Hound before the event and they tagged and shared my posts all over Facebook. I’m grateful for their support.

It has been a steady stream of author appearances: 4th Annual Book Blast, a signing at Total Wine & More and scheduling up coming events. I will have to tell you in another blog post my experience at Total Wine. It was a great learning lesson and I’m sure you will want to hear about it!

For now, that is the latest update on the book. Best!

Book Cover for The Altered I

Book Cover for The Altered I


3 responses to “Hello Miss Author: The Altered I Is Officially Published

    • Thank you so much Andrea! It was a long wait, but worth it.   April Voytko Kempler  author of THE ALTERED I: A HOLOCAUST MEMOIR

      Amazon: amazon.com/author/aprilvoytkokempler

      Contact: authoraprilvoytkokempler@gmail.com Blog: https://renogalsays.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/April-Voytko-Kempler/108581919171322 Twitter: https://twitter.com/aprilkemplerPinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aprilkempler/boards/

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