You Might Have Too Much Stuff If. . .

Fresh from a recent Hawaiian vacation, my husband turned to me and said, “We have too much stuff.”I waited a beat, took a breath. Paused. Then said, “By stuff, I presume you mean I have too many books?”

“No, I mean, we just went away and literally took very little with us. What we packed we didn’t even use. We got along just fine. Look at this house. We have every room filled with stuff.”Still believing in my soul he was talking about my books (I’m a sensitive creature) I said, “I know I have too many books, I’m working on that. You can see I’m working on that. What about your stuff? Let’s start there.” A note of hysteria was creeping in.

Hysteria (1965 film)

This was a conversation about to get wildly out of hand. I’ll save you from reading about the argument, but suffice it to say, you probably have too much stuff if you argue with your spouse about it. That night I slept — surprisingly well. But in the morning I had concluded that if I really looked around and applied myself, there were some items in each room of our two-story, four bedroom home that I could part with. Each room need not be filled to capacity for two people. New rule: keep clothing to one closet in the house. The guest room is for guests, keep it cute and nice.

Guest bedroom - Governor's Mansion State Histo...

So I began to declutter my home (why does a grown women need stuffed animals?).  Funny, it still feels over-crowded. You might have too much stuff if no matter what you get rid of there is still more! We are in a furniture transition. No matter how much we tried last month to get rid of our leather sofa and love seat — which we have had nearly fifteen beloved years — there were no takers. It sits in the front room with an extra end table, bookshelf, bamboo privacy screen, and a large plaster tiger (don’t ask about the tiger). Meanwhile, we have replaced some furniture, so now it has taken on that cozy look of a furniture warehouse.

Fall is approaching, my favorite season, and I feel a new energy. This home needs some tough love and I have a stern eye for unnecessary items. The books are staying. Never fear. I will just have to read faster that’s all.

English: Open book icon

Are you in a period of transition? What Fall cleaning do you have in store? I need all the help I can get!


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