When Rock Star Tastes Exceed An Unknown Author Budget

Ever hear the expression “Dream big or go home”? Or is it “Dream big or die trying”? I quite possibly have those sayings mixed up, but the sentiment is the same. I dream big. Maybe too big for my boots.


Glamourous. (Photo credit: partymonstrrrr)

For instance I really envisioned having My Big Book Launch Event at a swanky, hip, cool venue. But,while perusing the cost break-down I quickly realized my dreams financially outweigh my budget. Wait, I’m not a big time author with a triple book deal who deserves a great movie star quality book launch? Oh, I must have had me confused with someone else.

English: Large concrete Dixie Cup in front of ...

Reality check: my budget may be closer to covering the paper cups and coffee, and maybe a doughnut. So I’m not James Patterson yet, or Jodi Picoult, or Diana Gabaldon. I’ve still got time. Maybe if I get it together and write something else I will get that glitzy book launch someday. The funny thing is, I’m happy with a low budget event anyway! It’s what I make of it no matter where it is. I think it’s going to be pretty awesome, just because it’s my book launch and it’s the very first one. I’m still dreaming big though. Don’t get me wrong.

Have you had to reality check your big dreams? I love hearing from you!


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