Vacation: The Number Three Worst City in the USA and Why I Disagree

Recently Reno, Nevada was listed as the number three worst city to visit. OK, that got my attention since I live in Reno and think it is a pretty darn nice city. Here’s the link and here’s why I strongly disagree:

The events hosted here are terrific. Where else can you see a camel race? (it’s a mere technicality, but the race takes place in Virginia City) we also have hot air balloon races, and the famous Reno Air Races. Among all these sensational events is the Tour De Nez (pronounced NAY).

Tour de Nez 2010

Tour de Nez 2010 (Photo credit: RenoTahoe)

This is an annual cycling race that has been hosted in Reno for many years. New management has affected the race’s publicity and yesterday’s turn-out was only so-so.  But it’s the cycling fans that make Reno such a great place to visit. I can’t think of a nicer group of people. Yesterday’s event attracted a number of families and dog lovers. Why dog lovers? Well, it seemed I missed the memo, but a large number of people must have gone to the Reno animal shelter and said, “Hey it’s the Tour De Nez, I need a puppy, STAT!” Just kidding. But, there were puppies and dogs every where. My favorite was a sweet little Pomeranian named Gracie who sported leopard print Doggles.

Courtesy of Brad21Photo Tour De Nez 2013

Courtesy of Brad21Photo Tour De Nez 2013

Nothing is cuter, plus by strategically being seated in the basket of her owner’s bike, she placed third with her owner Dean just seconds behind, placing fourth in the Clunkers division. But, I digress. Back to the fans.

Cycling fans are among the crème de la crème of fans out there. They are a clean cut bunch, as I mentioned before, family oriented, polite, supportive, accepting, open and happy to know you. No one got rowdy, unless you count the belly dancers near the back end of the park, which I don’t. I have to admit it lent a certain Mediterranean flair to the otherwise American upper middle-class ambiance. But, nevertheless, the whole day was rather peaceful. It was a safe and fun environment to bring your kids and pets alike.

Was it hot? Yes. Was it windy? Yes. None of these things are my cup of tea. I’m really not the out-of-doors type, ask anybody. But, this was my husbands deal. He was in his glory. He knew everyone. Every ten steps he was greeting and shaking hands with someone he knew. He knew several people in the three races we watched, plus others who competed in races we missed. I can say with strong conviction that Reno is a friendly town.

Reno, Nevada should be one of the top cities to visit, not considered the worst. Mid-town is up-and-coming with hip, locally owned restaurants serving fresh vegetables and meats without hormones and other nasty chemicals. We boast a co-op grocer, Sundance books is one of the few independently owned retail bookstores in town, the Truckee river has never looked more beautiful.

running through downtown

Reno has history. Reno was a city made out of bricks, after all they were manufactured right here! If you pay a visit to Reno you will see brick buildings designed with panache and class, like the Riverside Hotel on the Truckee River.

Reno Riverwalk

Don’t you think it is well worth your while to visit my town? What is so great about your city? I welcome your comments!

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6 responses to “Vacation: The Number Three Worst City in the USA and Why I Disagree

  1. Reno isn’t even close to being bad. These lists are based on twisted out of context statistics that don’t even connect to reality. I live in the Sacramento area and always enjoy visits to Reno – especially the spectacular Nevada Museum of Art.

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  3. People who bag on Reno have never been or have only been to the downtown area casinos and have no idea how the area is one of the best outdoor playgrounds in the country. The home of the University of Nevada Wolfpack as well. Get real people. It is a definite diamond in the rough.

  4. I agree with April’s assessment totally….have lived in many mid western and eastern and southern cities and Reno is a joy to live in and lacking the stress of the other places and it keeps getting better.

  5. I hear this a lot of from out-of-towners. People that live outside of Reno always have something negative to say about it, or when I tell them where I live, they always have “that” look on their face. I have no idea where these misconceptions stemmed from, because I’ve been outside of Reno many times, and although there are of course nicer towns out there in the country, Reno definitely does not deserve to be anywhere on any “worst list”.

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