Care-Giving Is Not for Wimps

Sorry I’ve been missing in action lately. Let me update everyone on the latest Joe development. I’ve really gotten my feet wet in the care-giving world and let me tell you, it is harder than it looks! My mother-in-law needed a break and since Joe needs 24-hour supervision we pitched in to help. My brother-in-law took night duty and I had Joe during the day.  This was a five day endeavor and I was pretty wiped out when all was said and done.

My hats off to those who are primary care-givers, this is no easy task. To tell the truth, I found it a privilege to care for my father-in-law. Once he got up and around there was a big improvement in his alertness and energy levels. He needed his medication, his meals, his exercise and his socialization to keep him going in the right direction. He is so much stronger than he was a month ago, his appetite is hale and hearty and he even makes a joke or two now and then. He calls me “the laughing lady” because I laugh at him all the time. He is really funny! I’m so glad to see his sense of humor has returned. There is that old familiar sparkle in his eyes once again. All the work, time and energy are worth it when we see him improving physically.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I will be back on track soon with more tidbits from the book, The Altered I, a Holocaust Memoir plus my random thoughts on writing.

Best to all of you!


2 responses to “Care-Giving Is Not for Wimps

  1. You’re a trooper and endearing with your devotion to your father-in-law. I’m sure your care is the biggest reason he’s getting stronger and getting the sparkle back in his eyes. God bless you 🙂

  2. I know how you feel and the work and toll it takes physically and emotionally. When you see improvement however small it does make your spirit soar.

    Hard work but a rare privilege.

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