What an Author Really Means When He says I’m a Slow Writer

Lately I’ve seen a couple of posts on the topic of writing speed. One writer commented that author Sue Grafton, who writes the alphabetical themed mysteries, averages a book every two years. This was considered slow by my writer friend who exclaimed that if she took that long to write a book she would forget where she left off. Good for her, I say! If you can write and publish a book in less time that that, you must be doing something right! Another writer posted that he won’t be posting as much since he needs to do extensive re-writes on a novel he hopes to have accepted by a small press. He is giving himself six months to complete his re-write.  Apparently he feels this is a long time because he followed with, “I’m slow.”


Really? I don’t consider that slow. In fact, I will let you in on a little secret: I’m a really slow writer. But, what exactly do I mean when I say I’m slow?

Writing is a hobby for me. Don’t be shocked. Even though I’m a published author, with my first book to be released this year, writing isn’t my full-time job. After God, family, taking care of myself, taking care of the household chores (i.e., cleaning, cooking, shopping, paying bills, laundry), working at our small business, and fitting in the time to exercise, I may sit down and get some writing done, if of course I’m not too tired from all the stuff I do during my regular day. That’s where the slow writing bit comes in. I just haven’t figured out a workable schedule yet. What helps is that while I’m running errands and such, I’m constantly thinking about what I will write when I do sit down. That speeds up the process. After ruminating for a time, I get to the point where I can’t wait to sit down and get these thoughts out of my head and onto the screen.

I wish I could write faster, but until I can hire a housekeeper and my husband expands his business–which to be honest, we don’t have plans for expansion, we both like it the way it is–then I will continue to write at the pace I currently write…slow.

How do you write? Share what slows down your writing schedule, or tips on how to clear space in your day to write faster.

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New Book Cover Design: The Altered I, a Holocaust Memoir

I am really excited to share with you the new book cover design. This is still a work in progress, but I know so many have asked, “When is the book coming out?” and, “Is it out yet? Where can I get it?”

Well, all these questions will be answered in good time. For now, here is a peek at some of the new changes to the book. I hope you like it! And yes, that is Joseph Kempler’s eye, taken by the lovely and talented Eden Thome of Eden Rose Photography.

Altered I front cover-New with Joe's Eye


The Funny Side of the Holocaust

Hangman’s Humor, or Gallows Humor, was one way prisoner’s dealt with the tension of their life-threatening situation. What is hangman’s humor? Dark humor or black humor. Something used when fear of death is imminent. It is sarcasm in the face of one’s own mortality.

Joseph told me a story about how he was slated for execution when someone in his work group had run away. The practice was to execute the entire group of 50 as punishment. Joseph found out there was to be a public hanging. But, first everyone had to go to work. Joseph’s work group was supervised by a special guard that day and away they went to their assignment. While working on a barrack Joseph found a brand new pair of shoes. This was quite a find! But, what use did he have for new shoes when he would be dead in a short while? Regrettably, he left the shoes where he found them. The prisoners were allowed a lunch break and here is where the joking began. The prison group was deciding who would walk up the gallows steps first.

“After you,” one prisoner said to Joseph.

His reply: “No, please you go first, I will follow.”

And so it went.

Really, there is no funny side to to the Holocaust. But, this particular type of humor displays just how the human spirit refuses to be conquered by the trauma about to be experienced.

To read more please click on the link for The Altered I, a Holocaust Memoir.

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Sample chapters: 

The Altered I, A Holocaust Memoir

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Care-Giving Is Not for Wimps

Sorry I’ve been missing in action lately. Let me update everyone on the latest Joe development. I’ve really gotten my feet wet in the care-giving world and let me tell you, it is harder than it looks! My mother-in-law needed a break and since Joe needs 24-hour supervision we pitched in to help. My brother-in-law took night duty and I had Joe during the day.  This was a five day endeavor and I was pretty wiped out when all was said and done.

My hats off to those who are primary care-givers, this is no easy task. To tell the truth, I found it a privilege to care for my father-in-law. Once he got up and around there was a big improvement in his alertness and energy levels. He needed his medication, his meals, his exercise and his socialization to keep him going in the right direction. He is so much stronger than he was a month ago, his appetite is hale and hearty and he even makes a joke or two now and then. He calls me “the laughing lady” because I laugh at him all the time. He is really funny! I’m so glad to see his sense of humor has returned. There is that old familiar sparkle in his eyes once again. All the work, time and energy are worth it when we see him improving physically.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I will be back on track soon with more tidbits from the book, The Altered I, a Holocaust Memoir plus my random thoughts on writing.

Best to all of you!