The Swastika: An Ancient Symbol of Luck

On a trip to Indonesia some ten years ago, Paul and I took a short hike to see an ancient temple. The path up the steep and winding

Swastika It symbolizes Harmony, Lord Ganesh ha...

hillside was pleasant. Wild monkeys scurried ahead of us, and some more skittish than others, darted into the lush overgrowth on either side of the path, anxious to avoid us and our camera.

The temple,  crumbling into ruin, was empty and long-since past the time of use. I noticed something very unusual on the walls. It was something that looked like a swastika. What is a swastika doing here? I wondered. Did the Nazi’s occupy this part of Asia? We asked our guide what all the swastikas were about. He told us the swastika was used as a religious symbol. Who knew?

The word swastika comes from Sanskrit svastika. Su means “good” asi means “to be” and ka is a suffix. It literally means To Be Good. Many cultures used the swastika as a symbol of good luck.

Today it is predominately associated with being the symbol of the Nazi party and reflects their ideology of antisemitism, hatred and murder.

English: MS Paint Swastika

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