How to End Your Writing Career

Typically writer’s spend the majority of their day quietly by themselves in front of a computer screen, quite often still wearing their p.j.’s or sweatpants.Perhaps they didn’t even brush their teeth before they started their word count for the day. All the excitement in their lives is taking place only in their minds. From outward appearances, writer’s don’t seem intriguing at all.  On top of it all, a writer’s life is sedentary.

But there are some writers who do manage the level of fame of, say a movie star or a wild, free-living musician. These writers live life in a very big, and exciting way. Their fans can’t get enough of them, they write letters of adoration, and maybe even pattern their lives or writing style after them.

These three famous authors made headlines, not only for their literary genius, but their interesting and sometimes wildly out ofcontrol lifestyle:

Cover of "The Great Gatsby"F. Scott Fitzgerald,  author of The Great Gatsby, lived large. He wasn’t the model of healthy lifestyle or modesty. Tragically he died of a heart attack brought on from years of alcoholism and exhilarating roaring 20s partying.

Return to Peyton Place (film)Grace Metalious, the author of Peyton Place, died from organ failure brought on by years of drinking. She skyrocketed to fame after her fictionalized tell-all novel of the soap opera life of a quiet small town hit the book shelves. Fame may have gotten to this young mother’s head, she spent most of her money on extravagances and partied hard. As for her housekeeping skills, she says she spent “too much time in front of a typewriter instead of a sink.” Her life spun rapidly out of control, and in the end a ghostwriter had to be brought in to finish the sequel Return to Peyton Place.

Larsson, Steig - The Girl Who Played with Fire...Steig Larsson ate junk food,smoked, and lived a stressful life before hitting it big with his Dragon Tattoo series. Some say he was the male counter-part to his famous heroine Salander who also loved junk food. He ended his all-too-short career when tragically he collapsed from a heart attack after climbing a flight of stairs.

What does all this tell you? Write like a legend, but live a healthy lifestyle. Keep on writing and keep on living. The advice I give to writers everywhere: eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, take fiber, drink green-tea for a healthy dose of antioxidants, and exercise.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

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