The Altered I: Polish Cuisine

Józef Kempler’s family owned a szynk, or pub in Kraków, Poland. Although Jewish, Józef enjoyed some of the Polish fare offered in the

Polish Pierogi Polish pierogi with meat and ma...


Here’s a short list of Polish cuisine:

Kielbasa (a seasoned pork sausage) served with sauerkraut. Józef didn’t eat this, nor his family since it isn’t considered a Kosher food (pork). But, this was a pub favorite served to the carriage drivers waiting for their next fare.

Pęcak – a thick soup made from peeled barley.

Kasza Manna Na Mleku – (or Grysik na Mleku) this is cereal is made with farina and milk. It was Józef’s favorite hot cereal.

Pierogi – Polish dumplings that can be served sweet or savory. They are boiled then fried in butter and onions, or baked. Traditionally stuffed with either potato, cheese, ground meat, or sauerkraut. To serve sweet they are filled with fruit.

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