Reno, Nevada Staycation and Two Great Local Eateries

Reno Skyline

Recently my husband and I took a staycation, that is a vacation at home. Except not exactly. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort here in our beautiful town of Reno, NV. At the hotel we had some fun options: bowling, a cheap-y movie theater (all shows are $3!), or the aquatic driving range. There were also multiple dining options: Charlie Palmer, a steakhouse, Briscola for Italian cuisine, or Rim, a Pan-Asian style  restaurant. And who could resist an old-fashioned casino buffet?  There are casual dining offerings as well, like Johnny Rockets.

Besides all the fantastic choices in the hotel, we thought it would be fun to check out some of the local businesses we haven’t had a chance to explore yet. Here are two of our discoveries:

breakfast burrito

Dish Cafe was a big surprise. Casual, rustic atmosphere. You order at the cashier, then they bring your meal to the table. I had the breakfast burrito wrapped in a spinach tortilla, fresh organic eggs, and bacon. Paul had the breakfast sandwich. This was similar to the burrito, however, he had it on Ciabatta bread. Their goal is to serve local, and/or organic food. They support local farm producers. A brief word about the coffee: delicious. The coffee was robust and aromatic. Since it is wood-fired it had that woodsy scent, like sitting around a campfire, but without the bitter, burned after-taste ( and in no way resembled cowboy coffee, that is, coffee so strong you could stand a horseshoe upright in it).

Pecorino Sardo Cheese

Wedge cheese and charcuterie shop. This was a wonderful surprise. We love cheese, and we will be visiting this shop more often. We had a nice Bordeaux style wine waiting for us back at our lovely hotel room. Wanting to take advantage of the view of downtown Reno, we decided a cheese plate would do nicely to bring back to our room to enjoy with the wine. This was a mighty good decision. We were given multiple cheese samples, plus some meat recommendations. Any three cheese (or meat combination) is $15 and five selections is $20. We settled on three cheeses: a creamy blue cheese, an herb goat, and a Pecorino hard cheese. Added to our plate were two meat selections: a Calabrese salami (spicy) and a provincial pate with mushrooms.

Also offered at the shop are classes to help you learn about the different cheeses (there are many!) and how to pair them with wine like an expert.

I would say our little two-day staycation yielded great results. We met local business owners who have a passion for the food they prepare and sell, and we were tourists in our own amazing, historical, fun town.

That’s all I have to say. Have you ever been a tourist in your own town? I’d love to hear about it. Please share in the comments section of this blog!


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