Summer’s Over, Welcome Autumn

English: Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. Deutsch: Eme...

English: Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. Deutsch: Emerald Bay mit Fannette Island im Südwesten des Lake Tahoe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the start of summer I had such high hopes. I longed to relive the summer vacations I spent as a teenager, which usually entailed trips to the Santa Monica Pier and the beach with friends, long afternoons reading every Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Danielle Steel novel (I know! Danielle Steel isn’t one of the classics, but I couldn’t help from sneaking into my mom’s secret book place and snagging one those treasures for myself).

I spent days at my cousins frigid pool where we dared each other to tolerate the cold water the longest. We would slowly dip in: first our toes, then dip lower to our hips, then waist-level, and when we couldn’t take it any longer we submerged our heads until our bodies adjusted to the temperature. I don’t know why my uncle never heated his pool. I guess since we lived in the  San Fernando Valley in Southern California, and the days were plenty hot, he thought that was good enough. I can’t remember him ever swimming in the pool come to think of it. But, anyway, I digress.

As a 40-something I knew I couldn’t totally relive the past. I have responsibilities after all! But, to snag just a bit of that nostalgia was something I yearned for this past summer. Needless to say none of it really worked out.

I spent one total day at the beach at Lake Tahoe, I never finished The Brother’s Karamazov like I was supposed to, and I had some upheavals in my personal life (which I won’t go into) that nearly derailed me. Suffice it to say, it was not the summer I dreamed.

Now that we are entering Autumn, my very favorite time of year in Reno, Nevada. I look forward to crisp days, nights by the chiminea  with a full glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and chatting amiably with my husband.

The leaves are turning golden, and plum colored. The sky is that bright blue, unique to Sierra Nevada. I never tire of gazing at the contrasts of colors. My hopes are once again set on wonderful times spent with friends and dear family members, finishing The Brothers Karamazov, and outlining that new novel I’ve been obsessing over.

As the days get shorter did you reach the goals you set for the summer months? Or, like me as the summer months fade away you set your hopes now on a full and active fall.


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