My Husbands Challenge: Travel Carry-On Baggage Only for International Vacation


The challenge is on. My dear husband is forcing strongly persuading me to travel carry-on for our two week vacation to Ireland.

“All you need is a couple pairs of pants and some shirts and your good to go,” he said.

Was he kidding? Two pairs of pants for two weeks? And as a woman of a certain age my cosmetics, wrinkle creams, and day and night moisturizer alone would fill up a 20-inch carry on bag.

“Two pairs of pants may work for you but what about the rest of it?” I said. “You have nothing to do. You don’t wear make-up, you don’t hardly have any hair (he began premature balding at the ripe old age of twenty-seven) and my hair is long and requires special product to straighten and tame. What are we in our twenties and we’re backpacking through Europe? Nah Uh. Not gonna happen.”

“Why don’t you at least try it? Look, do you want to pay $50 each way for your suitcase? That’s gonna be a $100, think of all the things you can buy with $100,” he said.

Oh, the money button. To be honest he had a point, but I wasn’t giving in… just yet.

“Are you sure we don’t get a least one free checked bag?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty sure,” he said.

“Well I don’t think you’ve researched it. Let’s do that first, then I’ll think about it. But you want me to be like some hippie: ‘free yourself from the burden of luggage, man.'”

“Yeah,” he grooved.

“Don’t let the luggage bring you down, man,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said.

I don’t know if I can do this, but it might be fun to try.

That’s all I have to say, what about you? Any travel challenges you had deal with? I’d love to hear your travel tips.



4 responses to “My Husbands Challenge: Travel Carry-On Baggage Only for International Vacation

  1. Great blog! All I can say in advice is….Do it!!! We went to Ireland for 3 weeks, and I managed to stuff all my stuff into that 20 inch roll on bag somehow. And it was great…no waiting around for the bag that may or may not show up off the plane…it’s right above your head. 🙂

    I tried to do lots of outfits that all went with each other…blacks, pink, khaki, 2 fave pair of jeans. I wore my bulkiest items on the plane, along with my warm jacket for Ireland’s chilly weather..even though I was hot for checkin, I took it off on the plane, and put it up with my suitcase. Take one skirt that goes with some other tops for any dressier occasions, but mostly, we just wore jeans, sweaters and boots. (With a polarfleece jacket and hats, somedays!) The great thing is…no one in Ireland knows you, or will ever see you again, so you can wear the same things over and over. I took travel wash and handwashed things in the sink as need be.

    Go for it…you can do it! Have a grand trip. Lisa

  2. My husband tries to convince of the same when we travel. I refuse. There are some things that are worth the money. I’d have to do laundry at least four times on the vacation and no way am I going to do that, plus think of all the quarters you’d have to feed the washer and dryer. Great post!

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