Kitchen Timer: Not Just for the Kitchen

English: A mechanical kitchen timer

I almost missed my beloved Zumba class this morning. Why? I was so engrossed in the design and layout of my blog that I completely lost track of time.  Now I’m back at my desk with a brand new kitchen timer.  I have it set for five minutes, so I better get to it now that time is ticking down.

If there is a limited amount of time to spend on a blog or article or your current work-in-progress, then setting the timer can be a useful tool.

A kitchen timer can be a great motivator, especially if there is a task or writing project you have trouble starting. Set the timer, say for five minutes like I did, and get typing. Before long you will have immersed yourself into the task at hand and it is no longer the chore you once thought it would be. In fact, it is quite enjoyable!

Tip: Don’t forget to reward yourself.

Nothing big mind you, not a Lexus (I wish!), or a brand new Michael Kors handbag (my dream!), but something simple, like a bubble bath, or a new book (OK splurge, buy two books), or indulge in a movie.

My kitchen timer means: no more burnt dinners, no more water boiled out of the tea kettle, and no more missed gym classes.

My time’s up, what do you have say? What motivates you to tackle an undesired task?


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